Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal Nail Infections and Aging: Why Older Adults Are More Susceptible

As age advances, susceptibility to various health concerns, including fungal nail infections or onychomycosis, tends to increase. This phenomenon especially impacts older adults due to several risk factors unique to this demographic. This piece delves into these factors, comparing various…

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Ruby stone

Health virtues of ruby stone

Cette pierre est considérée comme ayant des relations étroites avec le soleil. Et tout comme le soleil qui occupe une place clé dans nos traditions et la société en général, la pierre s’imprègne de certaines de ces qualités telles que…

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How is a fever triggered?

Fever is a symptom that pathogens are introduced into the human body. A rise in temperature above 38° means that the body is reacting to an illness. One of the most common cases of fever has occurred in an individual…

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How do you treat sciatica?

Sciatica can be defined as inflammation of the sciatic nerve. It is the latter that allows mobility as well as the sensitivity of the lower part of the human body. People affected by this disease have often experienced pain in…

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How do you sleep well?

How to sleep well at night? Many people think that sleep problems are inevitable. However, it is often enough to follow a few simple rules in order to get a good night’s sleep and relive the pleasure of the night….

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