We know that accidents in life are numerous and can happen at any time. Moreover, it is necessary to learn and follow training courses on first aid since simple and easy gestures can be applied by everyone to help and maintain a person's life. However, it is important to learn the gestures that save a person's life.

The advantages of being trained

From the outset, the mortality rate has been rising steadily as fewer people know how to adapt relief efforts. Moreover, first aid is very important because a person's life is at stake. In fact, there are many good things to know about first aid. First of all, to protect a person in danger with the knowledge acquired. Then, to alert the emergency services, but in the meantime, to put the person in a lateral safety position. In the case of a person suffering from a heart disease, a massage can be performed.  Indeed, these gestures are important and can save a person's life. Thus, they can apply these gestures when accidents occur or when serious situations arise.

Introduction to first aid

First aid training is quite important since it has a specific purpose. Indeed, it is to prevent accidents, whether in the home or in everyday life. Thus, the initiation program is numerous, such as the prevention of domestic accidents, the prevention of accidents in everyday life, safe bedding, the victim losing consciousness, etc.. The gestures make it possible to act quickly and effectively while waiting for the arrival of the emergency services. In this way, everyone will be able to prevent a person's condition from worsening. Therefore, it is important to ask the following questions: how to alert? How to protect? What are the actions to be adapted?

Purpose of first aid

In the event of an accident, first aid is essential before help arrives.  By definition, first aid is the first emergency action carried out by people with the necessary knowledge or who have acquired adequate training. First aid can be divided into several categories: it can be carried out with or without equipment, in an organized team or alone. Indeed, the main goal is to ensure the survival of people who are victims of an accident or illness; in other words, it consists of maintaining or improving the vital functions of an individual who is a victim . Moreover, it is important to follow training courses since not mastering the gesture can aggravate a person's case.  The practice of first aid procedures allows the heart to restart since cardiac massage ensures the oxygenation of vital organs. Thus, the defibrillator makes it possible to restart cardiac activity by an electric shock.